Exotic Fish And Birds

Exotic Marine And Tropical Fish

The breeding farm is highly renowned for supplying the finest quality of exotic Marine and Tropical Fish.

Thanks to our state of the art facility we are able to maintain the health and well-being of all our treasured fish, corals and invertebrates who have traveled from all over the globe.

We also supply a variety of aquarium animals and plants. With our state of the art facility, arguably the largest marine and tropical fish holding facilities in Suriname, we are able to offer an unsurpassed range and quality at very competitive prices.

We only deal with trusted suppliers insuring our quality and supply remains consistent.

Niamats Farm Int. Imports new consignments of marine fish monthly, ensuring we always have a fresh variety of livestock.

Exotic Birds And Parrots

We are importers of the finest exotic birds and parrots from subtropical and tropical regions of the world. Since 1972 we have worked to develop a collection of healthy and hardy breeding stock.

Buying a new parrot or exotic bird is not something that most people do every day. Where can you go and who can you trust to buy a good quality, healthy and well socialized pet?

Many breeders do not have the time to socialize their birds, parrots or offer customers the benefits of personal service. WE DO!